Thursday, September 30, 2010

AGS Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives

AGS Vision:

Contribution to the promotion of a democratic social order where in all the citizens enjoy a sense of social justice and economic well being without any form of discrimination, striving for sustainable development, social harmony and universal peace.

Our Mission:
Promotion of interaction between Gandhian thinkers and professional groups so as to explore, analyze and adapt the application of Gandhian tenets in resolving the problems of contemporary society, while promoting harmony and sustainable development.

Our Values:

  • Truth
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Sustainable development


  • Promotion of grass-root democracy in order to sustain the gravity of governance firmly in the society, enhancing transparency.
  • Promotion of responsible and responsive citizenship, so as to advance the cause of universal human rights.
  • Promotion of sustainable social development in tune with the concept of trusteeship.
  • Exploration, interpretation, examination and application of Gandhian thought in resolving contemporary problems of human society.
  • Appraise the process of social transformation at the level of communities so as to enhance self-reliance.
  • Spread the universal values of truth, non-violence, reconciliation, peaceful co-existence, transcending partisan interests and sectarian identities, in consonance with ‘Vasudaika Kutumbakam’-the universal family of humanity.

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