Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AGS - Key Interventions

The key interventions of AGS facilitated & implemented successfully with collective efforts are...

Our Efforts

Projects implemented
î         Peace Initiatives
î         Programmes for Gender equity
î         Environmental Awareness Campaigns
î         Restoration of Livelihood opportunities for the vulnerable communities in Tsunami affected areas of Coast side of AP (RELIVE) 2006-2007
î         Natural Resource Management of Costal Resource in Nine Coastal Districts of AP (NRMCAP) 2006
î         Prevention of Child Trafficking and HIV/AIDS in Andhra Pradesh (CTHAPAP) – 2004 -2009
î         Combating Child Labour in Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh (CCLCAP) - 2006 – 2009
î     Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) - 2010

Research Studies done

î         A study on Status on Environment in Andhra Pradesh in 1990.
î         A Study on Occupational Migration among fisher folk vis-à-vis status of women and children in coastal district in the year 1999.
î         A study on Bonded Labour in India in 1981.
î         A study on commercial sex workers and their children in coastal Andhra Pradesh in 2002.
î         Adolescent consultations and a study on Action Research on Child Trafficking and HIV/AIDS in Andhra Pradesh in 2004.
î         Study of Child trafficking and HIV/AIDS in Andhra Pradesh, focusing on the prevalence and level of awareness in 2004.
î         Developed monitoring tools for Caritas India, Hyderabad – 2007.
î         Evaluation of HIV Initiatives supported by APSACS, Hyderabad – 2007.
î         Conducted an Evaluation of Child Centered Drought Preparedness Programme in Jaipur supported by Save the Children (UK) – 2007.
î         Conducted a National study on People’s autumn / Return of Autumn - Three Decades of AFPRO- SDC Partnership supported by AFPRO, Delhi – 2007.
î         Conducted and prepared a report on a National Study on “Sex Tourism in India” in the State of Andhra Pradesh supported by Govt. of India through Gram Niyojan Kendra, Gaziabad - 2008.
î         Assessment of Riverbed Lands (River Krishna) supported by ASM-Plan (Krishna), Vijayawada - 2008.
î         Conducted Primary Data Collection in the State of Andhra Pradesh & Kerala for the study on Status of Child Protection in India supported by Child Line India Foundation, Mumbai – 2009.
î         Conducted Situational Analysis of Children in Tirupati, Vellore & Tiruvannamalai supported by Child Line India Foundation for possible implementation of Child Line in these respective areas, Mumbai – 2009.

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